The Alef Beats

Alef Beats.

Founded in 2005, the Alef Beats, Brown/RISD’s premier Jewish-themed a Capella group, is one of Brown University’s younger singing groups. Featuring members from all around the states and the world, the Alef Beats are arguably one of Brown’s most diverse a Capella groups. Brought together by a love of music and a passion for Jewish culture, the Alef beats have been working hard to bring Jewish a Capella to Brown’s rich music scene as well as to the Northeast region at large.

The Alef Beats’ repertoire currently consists of a surprisingly eclectic range of songs. The Beats perform a number of vocal arrangements by Jewish singers and songwriters as well as a healthy smattering of traditional Hebrew and Yiddish tunes. These songs are performed at events ranging from various competitions, festivals, private concerts, temples, holidays celebrations, and arch sings around the Brown University campus and along the East Coast. The picture to the right shows the Alef Beats after singing at the JCC in Manhattan in February 2014.

Past Performances

Manhattan Jewish Community Center, Temple Sinai (Sharon, Ma), Wellesley Acastock Show, PeaceLove Studios (Providence), Brookline A Cappella Fest, Brandeis University, Congregation Kehillath Israel, Temple Emanuel Leisure Club, Tamarisk Assisted Living Residence, Providence Jewish Community Center, Mt. Hope Baptist Church, Rutgers University, etc.

Check out videos of past Alef Beats performances:

Countdown (Beyonce)

Disloyal Order of the Water Buffalo (Fall Out Boy) 


Current Repertoire (updated 8/28/14)

  • Barton Hollow (The Civil Wars) 

  • Bei Mir Bist Du Shein (Jacob Jacobs, Sholom Secunda, Yiddish) 

  • Boi Kallah (Hebrew) 

  • Countdown (Beyonce) 

  • Darkeinu (Hebrew) 

  • Disloyal Order of Water Buffalos (Fall Out Boy) 

  • Don't Just Sit There (Lucius) 

  • Down To The River (Allison Krauss) 

  • Eet (Regina Spektor) 

  • Everybody Talks (Neon Trees) 

  • Fix You (Coldplay) 

  • Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) 

  • Hinei Ba HaShalom (Hebrew) 

  • Klum Lo Ozer Li (Kathleen Reiter, Hebrew) 

  • Let It Out/Drunk (Ed Sheeran, Mash-up) 

  • Ma’oz Tzur (Hebrew) 

  • Mr. Bieberside (The Killers/Justin Bieber, Mash-up) 

  • Perfect (P!nk) 

  • She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5) 

  • Stay Stay Stay (Taylor Swift) 

  • Wild Young Hearts (Noisettes)

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  1. 2010 Alef Beats
  2. 2009 Recording
  3. 2009 Alef Beats
  4. 2014 Beats singing at Wellesley Acastock Show
  5. 2013 Beats singing at Multicultural Dinner
  6. 2013 Beats Parent's Weekend Concert

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