Kosher Meal Plan

Brown University's Dining Services offers a Kosher Meal Plan for interested students. There is a section of the Sharpe Refectory (“Ratty”) designated for Kosher and Halal meal service so that students can adhere to dietary laws while dining with friends in the Ratty.  Kosher vegetarian items are also provided.  Additionally, participating students enjoy all the benefits of meal plan participation, including credit, guest meals, and FlexPlus points. For all participants, breakfast and brunch meals are available from the regular meal plan menu. Shabbat and Holiday meals are served at Brown RISD Hillel.

For more information, see Brown University Dining Services.

Shabbat and Holiday Meals 

Shabbat and Holiday meals are free and open to anyone in the Brown and RISD student community.  For those students who are on a meal plan, swiping your card does help to defray Hillel’s costs slightly.  Please consider contributing a meal to help us sustain this program in the years to come.  For more information about Shabbat and Holidays at Hillel, click here!


When Spring Break does not coincide with Passover, Hillel hosts a first-night Passover seder, open to all members of the Brown and RISD community.  Throughout Passover, the Kosher Meal Plan is served exclusively at Hillel and not at the Ratty.  Students who are not on the Kosher Meal Plan but wish to have kosher for  Passover meals during the holiday will need to sign up for kosher meals prior to the start of Passover.

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